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Food isĀ Medicine

Our Meals

Open Hand is one of the largest community-based providers of medically tailored meals in the U.S. Our medically tailored meals are prepared, cooked, and delivered in an effort to improve health outcomes.

Our Meals
Nutrition Education Aizya Alex

Nutrition Education

In addition to meals, many of our clients receive tailored nutrition therapy, counseling, or classes for a full spectrum of care around their chronic illness.


We're committed to creating a real impact on the health outcomes on those we serve. Read about our program success and more.

Our Research
Nutrition Resources

Nutrition Resources

Open Hand believes in nutrition for all, which is why we're committed to providing the community access to critical resources in the name of health equity. Each of the following recipes are approved by our experienced team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. 

Food Is Medicine Coalition

Open Hand is a proud founding member of the Food is Medicine Coalition. An association of nonprofit medically tailored food and nutrition service providers, FIMC believes that one should not have to faced the dual crises of illness and hunger and in the power of medically tailored meals.