Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is a key part of our work.

We are one of the largest community-based providers of nutrition education in the U.S. Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists proudly serve neighbors in need throughout Atlanta and across Georgia.

Our Nutrition Programs

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) involves individualized, evidenced-based treatment provided by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist including counseling to assist individuals in preventing and managing their chronic conditions and reaching their nutrition goals.

Self-Management Workshops

Open Hand’s Self-Management Workshops are group classes designed to empower participants and caregivers to take control of their health with topics ranging from nutrition, physical activity, stress management, action planning, communication, and preventing health complications.

Produce Prescription

Taught by our RDNs, this program combines nutrition education, provides extra fruit and vegetables, and has been shown to improve health outcomes for patients identifying with food insecurity when providers write a prescription for fruits and vegetables.

Cooking Matters

Our evidenced based, six-week nutrition and cooking education series includes topics such as creating a healthy food budget, differences between fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables, and reading food labels. To promote additional learning, the group prepares a healthy meal during each class.

Group Nutrition Education

Our team of RDNs can provide a variety of education on various nutrition topics such as meal planning, mindful eating, and nutritious cooking. Presentations can be offered to a variety of audiences and settings with or without a live cooking demonstration that provides samples for the audience.

On Demand Nutrition Videos

These nutrition videos were created by a team of RDNs for our project titled, Georgians Receiving Insightful Telenutrition Seminars (GRITS). Each lesson and listed resources follow evidenced-based guidelines that are taught in a practical and fun way with topics geared to older adult nutrition.

Our Nutrition Services Team

With their years of expertise, this incredible team is the reason we're able to bridge the knowledge gap for so many in our community.