Why the Difference Between Food Security and Nutrition Security Matters

Food security focuses on access to and affordability of food that is safe, nutritious, and consistent with personal preferences. In reality, however, the "nutritious" aspect of the equation has long been overlooked or lost in national policies and solutions.

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Barbara Antley: A Legacy of Love, Compassion and Service

If you’ve ever spent time on the Open Hand campus, you’ve seen Barbara Antley. Whether in person, loading meals into her trunk to deliver on her route each week, or adorning our walls, where photos of her are a daily reminder of the selfless service given over the years by our dedicated volunteers.

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Cooking Matters for Kids: Impact Beyond the Classroom

In this summer’s Cooking Matters classes, including those taught last month with a group of highly engaged six- and seven-year-olds at Harvest Rain Academy, the children learn about a variety of different nutritional topics, with the goal of teaching them about the five food groups and how important it is to eat from each group every day.

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Growing Within and Beyond Metro Atlanta

By: Matthew Pieper, Executive Director

Starting next week we are delighted that we will once again be welcoming volunteers who have received their COVID-19 vaccinations back to our campus, where they will play an integral role in helping us to pack our meals for delivery.

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Marilynn & Matt: "A Bit of Serendipity"

When Matt and Marilynn got married, the couple decided that they’d forgo traditional wedding presents. Instead, they asked their guests to make donations to Open Hand and another local charity. By the end of their wedding day, they’d raised nearly $2,000!

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Telenutrition Helps Open Hand Close Gaps for Georgia Seniors

Through a sizeable multi-year grant from the Administration for Community Living, Open Hand Atlanta is leveraging our new telenutrition platform to help remove some of the obstacles faced by Georgia seniors in gaining access to the nutrition knowledge that can help them improve their overall wellbeing and quality of life.

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