Supporting Fulton County Seniors

When we say “We teach” in our mission, we mean it! Nutrition education is a huge piece of the work we do here at Open Hand to promote our clients’ overall health and wellness. For instance: every month, some of our dedicated Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) visit 14 senior centers across Fulton County, with about 170 older adults in attendance.  

In Georgia, senior centers are required to offer at least 15 minutes of nutrition education each month. Some senior centers are unable to have RDNs teach these lessons. Fulton County, however, is dedicated to having RDNs teach their older adults, which is why they decided to partner with Open Hand.  

In the last several months, our RDNs presented topics focusing on Food & Mood, Foods for a Healthy Immune System, and Incorporating Snacks, Desserts, and Beverages when Living with Diabetes.  One class participant noted, “I appreciate how [the RDNs] teach us to try other foods that I didn’t think I would like so chose not to try until now." 

Best of all, the class participants are enjoying the opportunity to gain more nutrition knowledge, many noting how informative the lessons are and how they help keep them on track with their health. We’re grateful to Fulton County for being such a wonderful partner, and to have the opportunity to provide access to the nutrition knowledge our older neighbors need to achieve better health.