Capital Campaign Update

Capital Campaign Update

Over the last two years, our Capital Campaign Committee, chaired by Johanna Ellis Reisinger, and our Board of Directors have been working tirelessly to help raise the funds to support our exciting new campus relocation. We found the ideal building and location for our future campus, and once it is renovated and customized to meet our operational needs, it will be a true state-of-the-art, community-based nutrition center. We will have the capability to triple production to meet the growing demand for our services, and we look forward to opening the doors to our new teaching kitchen where our registered dietitians will help our clients prepare meals in a healthy manner.

This campus relocation is about building the proper infrastructure so that we can have even more impact not just in metro Atlanta, but in other parts of Georgia as well. 

Purchasing the building, working with our architects and construction firm to design and build an efficient food production facility, and launching a new work force development initiative requires a significant investment. Two years ago, we launched The Healing Power of Food, a $19.5 million capital campaign to raise the funds needed, and I'm pleased to report that we are making great progress toward achieving our goal.

To date, we have raised $17,617,000 toward our campaign goal. That leaves us with approximately $1.88 million left to raise. With the help of all our constituents, we will get there! 

I continue to be encouraged by the community's enthusiasm for our efforts and we are delighted that the momentum toward achieving our ultimate objective keeps building. We have already begun construction, and our Campaign Committee is actively dedicating their time to helping us raise the final funds needed to successfully close out this campaign. I look forward to reporting on our progress in the upcoming months.

Open Hand is at an exciting juncture in our history, and we are well on our way to solidifying our rightful place as the preferred provider of Medically-Tailored Meals and nutrition education in the state of Georgia. I am so grateful to all our donors and volunteers who have helped us get to this point. I am also very proud of our Senior Director of Resource Development and Marketing, Katie MacKenzie, for her extraordinary leadership of this campaign. 

To learn more about The Healing Power of Food, view our campaign page here